BLB:Retribution—Anita’s Story, Book 1—Dream Quest

BLB:Retribution---Anita's Story, Book 1---Dream Quest


I just finished Anita’s story, and I love it! I could not put this story down once I began it, and now I am hooked!

Your dialogue scenes carry the story forward with power, and the plot line for each chapter keeps the pace with solid beginnings and endings, and makes clear to readers that questions remain unanswered.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in Anita’s dream world!

D.W.B., Teacher

Timekept Series II
First Installment of Anita’s Story
Book 1: Anita’s Story
Dream Quest

Anita’s Story begins Spring, 2015

You may recall that Anita was the friend who betrayed Casey and started the sequence of events that are now unfolding in Timekept Series I—BY LOVE BETRAYED:RECOMPENSE

LOS ANGELES, 2014: Anita Caroline Wyckham has no belief in the paranormal or a predetermined state of being like reincarnation, karmic rebirth, or the transmigration of souls, but it was uncanny how accurate her fortune read from the Tarot cards the year before had been. The reader had warned her then of the catastrophic events that would change her life forever in the year to come.

Much to Anita’s misfortune, her sudden financial collapse drives her to accept an offer of ultimate betrayal from her best friend’s husband that she should have refused. Steven is desperate to have children of his own by any “natural” means possible, but because of her blighted past, his wife Casey wants nothing to do with the idea. When Casey walks in on Anita and Steven on All Hallows Eve while they are fulfilling the terms of their contract in her bed, she leaves without a word, and is killed in an automobile accident a few hours later.

Anita is consumed by guilt and realizes that just retribution is required of her unless she can find some way to make amends; to learn to forgive; and to be forgiven for her betrayal of both Casey, and ultimately, herself.

SCHUYLKILL RIVER VALLEY, 1824: When Anita is injured in a violent Santa Ana windstorm; she wakes up to discover that she is trapped in a loveless and unconsummated marriage; that she is having an affair with a married man; and that she has become the pawn of her first love, who still has the ability to make her do exactly what he wants her to do because of their shared history.

To her horror, Anita finds that each night when she goes to sleep, she returns to the past, and that each day when she wakes up, she must continue to provide for herself as a single woman in the modern world.

When Anita attempts to escape her circumstances in the past and runs away from her husband’s wagon, she is caught in an animal trap set by a mysterious woodsman. But, when the trapper discovers her, he feels obligated for the damage that has been done to her by the trap and assumes the responsibility of providing for her until she is able to provide for herself—and in so doing, Kane becomes the man of Anita’s dreams.

With no future in either of her parallel lives, Anita begins a quest to make amends; to find forgiveness; and to discover how to end her dual existence so that she can become whole again.

When the final resolution does occur, what will happen to the love of her life? Will he be the one to pay the ultimate price as just retribution for her dual betrayal—or will she choose to sacrifice herself for his sake?

Anita’s Story continues—
on the Eve of the Winter Solstice, 2015. . .

NOTE: Anita’s Story is concurrent and interactive with Casey’s Story—as there are at least two sides to every human interaction, and each participant bears the consequences of that interaction. Consequences can run the gamut from positive to negative and everything in-between—but consequences will always create change that brings a whole new set of chances for the tomorrows yet to come. . .


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